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Navarathri Golu 2021

Durga Maa is the dispeller of delusion,
The conqueror of fear,
She is the mother divine,
Let us pray to her to cleanse our minds,
And lead us to the light!

The festival of Navarathri is associated to the prominent battle that took place between Mother Durga and the demon Mahishasura to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Navarathri - The nine nights of devotion, spirituality and happiness was celebrated in TI school with the arrangement of dolls in the Golu by the members of the heritage club.

The Golu was arranged with great fervour by the club members. It was an occasion where the creative expressions of the members were displayed through the dolls and it is dedicated to the worship of Durga, lakhmi and Saraswathi.

Students of Music club enthusiastically participated in Namasankeerthan . Bhajans were sung to show our gratitude and love for God. Singing or listening to devotional songs removes all negativity in one's mind and fills one's heart with joy, peace and contentment. The songs presented by the children reverberated in the campus and created inner equilibrium in the hearts of the listeners.

The nine days worship and offerings were made by the staff. The celebrations concluded with the Saraswathi pooja /Ayudha pooja organised by the school on 12.10.2021.

The Golu was dismantled hoping for a successful year ahead.

Navarathri Golu 2021 Navarathri Golu 2021

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