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March Month

World Water Day - 22/03/2022

Grade 1 celebrated 'World Water Day' on 22-3-22 to create awareness among students on conserving water.

Students were explained through a Power Point Presentation about the water cycle, difference between fresh water and salt water, the importance of water for living things and ways to save water. Students watched an animation about the impact of water scarcity and its effect on living things. The session was concluded by screening a story and taking an oath to save water. A take home activity was given where students were asked to draw a water cycle.

World Water Day

Film Club Screening - 19/03/2022

Gratitude is the highest form of prayer. This message was reciprocated by students of Grades 9 to 11 during the Film Club Screening on 19.03.2022 (Saturday) by Mrs. KP Smitha. The name of the clipping was Joe Jirad – The best Salesman. The clipping reinforced the value of gratitude in sales and marketing, how one powerful thought can change the way people look at us and how success multiplies.

The clipping 'Barber gives free hair cut' reassured the value of kindness and how kindness changes our life for good. Sometimes change is not sudden and it takes years for the kindness to pay forward, but it definitely will come back to us as some of the greatest blessings that we have ever experienced in life. Students suggested that they need to come forward to help as the world needs more kind human beings.

Film Club Screening Film Club Screening
Film Club Screening Film Club Screening

Film Club Screening - 12/03/2022

The video clipping 'Vetri' was screened to the students of classes VI-VII on 12.03.22 through MS teams between 9.00 am and 9.45 am by Mrs. Yamini. The session started with a prayer song. After watching the clippings, the students were engaged in a discussion.

The following points were discussed by the students:

  • Along with hard work, being consistent is important to reach our goal.
  • Think before you leap.
  • Discouragement can put down a person's self-confidence.
  • Encouragement will help us move towards our goal.
  • Love what you do. Vetri didn't like to write exams but liked running race.
  • It will take time for us to identify our talents.
  • We have to be observant to know one's talent.
  • Grab the opportunity that comes your way.
Film Club Screening Film Club Screening

Music Club Activity - 05/03/2022

Music Club members were privileged to be a part of the activity conducted virtually on 05.03.2022 on the topic Tamil Folk Song . 'VILLINAI OTHA PURUVAM' (Kavadi Sindhu) was taught in the raga- Punnaga Varali and set to the thala – Thisra Ekam and the song was composed by 'Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiar'.The meaning and the tune (raga) of the song was explained . Students were given enough practice to render the song with proper tune and rhythm. Students actively participated in the learning process.

Music Club Activity Music Club Activity
Music Club Activity

Theatre and Literary Club Activity Report - 05/03/2022

Theatre and Literary club activity was held on 5.03.22 (Saturday) from 9.00am to 10.00am through Microsoft Teams, for classes VI – IX. It was a sparkling day filled with energy and zeal.

The day's activity began with the prayer song. The activity, 'Act and React ' was introduced by Ms.Bagiya Lakshmi, the teacher in-charge of the Theatre club. Five different situations related to the topic were given to students. Each student selected one situation from the given scene and started acting and reacting by giving facial expression , tone related to the situations and enjoyed the activity. The other student members identified the situation through facial expressions and gestures of the performers. Students took turns and completed the activity with great excitement.

This activity helped students to understand and develop speaking skills, improve dialogue delivery and also gained self-confidence with good facial expression.

Mrs.Yolanda Mcpherson, teacher in-charge of the literary club conducted the activity 'Impromptu Speech'. A brief introduction about the activity was shared by the teacher along with a video. Students were given topics to speak on. Students tried their best to speak for two minutes.

The activity provided an exposure for the students to develop their public speaking skill like quick thinking, sound argumentation, strategic word choice and engaged delivery. The activity helped students gain confidence to express their point of views without any inhibition.

Gugapritha R, the President of the club interacted with the members, motivated them and sought suggestions to make the club more interesting.

- Mrs. Yolanda Mcpherson

Theatre and Literary Club Activity Report Theatre and Literary Club Activity Report
Theatre and Literary Club Activity Report

ART CLUB ACTIVITY - 05/03/2022

Art club students were engaged in an activity which was held on 05-03-2022. Paper cutting, flower making, flower pattern and leaf pattern with cutting method was demonstrated by the teacher. Students created colour flower patterns and prepared wall photo frame. Students were also taught how to create 3D flower patterns using waste plant twigs.

The activity helped students develop the creativity and presentation skills. It also encouraged students follow the instructions.


Heritage Club Activity - 04/03/2022

The Heritage club was conducted on 4-3-22 between 1.30pm to 4pm for Grades 4 & 5 under the topic 'Traditional Games of TamilNadu'.

The session began with an introduction about the Heritage Club and the objectives of the day's activity.

Teachers spoke about the different traditional games and their benefits. A video on traditional games was screened. Children enjoyed the session and they shared their experiences playing traditional games.

Heritage Club Activity Heritage Club Activity